Home Refresh: Modern Urban Paint Colour Ideas to Spice Up Your Home in 2023

The modern urban paint color are a key aspect of urban-style interior design, which has graced the pages of styling magazines for decades. This year, the concept takes on a refreshing twist with a touch of modern urban influence.

modern urban paint colour idease

The best part is, this trend works with a lot of neutrals, so with a few splashes of paint, you can use these modern urban colours ideas to spice up your home in 2023. Painting or switching out a few décor pieces can instantly revitalise your space and make you excited to come home.

Discover more about the modern urban colour ideas for a home refresh in 2023, and the palettes you need to pull it off.

What is modern urban paint colour ideas?

The modern urban style is where comfort and liveable meets contemporary industrial.

Think city living, yet comfortable and with plenty of space.

Getting the modern urban style right in your home means balancing warm and cool tones, and adding contrasting textures, while maintaining a minimalist, yet cosy vibe. It can be a challenge for even the most skilled interior designer.

Tapping into the right trends for a modern urban home can help you get around these hurdles and create a space you’ll love coming home to.

2023 Modern Urban Colour Trends

Smokey Neutrals

50 shades of grey — paint, fabrics, curtains, décor. Smokey neutrals, like ash greys and taupes allow you to add depth and dimension to a space without the stark contrast of black and white. Plus, they’re not as boring as beige.

The smokey neutrals modern urban colour trend allows you to use the darker colours of the room to draw the eyes up and out.

If you use the darker colours on the outside of the space — darker grey dining chairs, a charcoal wall, maybe even a darker ceiling — you draw the eyes to the widest part of the room. Then, the lighter colours on the inner parts of the room provide the feeling of openness and space. It’s an interior design magic trick!

Muted Greens & Blues

Modern urban is the child of industrial and chic. But it can be easy to make the area feel cold very quickly.

Muted greens and blues are a modern urban colour trend used to bring life and the feeling of air into a home. For example, if you’re working with a space with low natural light (AKA minimal windows), try adding plants closer to the ceiling, and touches of green and blue décor throughout the room. A few cushions here and maybe a painting there will do the trick.

These colours emulate life and nature, instantly adding a comforting and relaxing feeling to a room.

Crisp Whites & Charcoals

Remember how we said contrast would be key for getting your modern urban home looking like it’s from your Pinterest feed? It’s time to add in crisp whites and charcoals to your colour palette!

Woman painting new apartment walls in color white with paint roller. Renovating house.

You’ve got your depth with your smokey neutrals, added your outdoors indoors with your muted greens, and now it’s time to add the minimal vibe. Using crisp white paint on the walls or ceiling to contrast the deeper colours in the room will help to open up your space. While using the charcoal colour trend for 2023 will help contrast if you have too much light space going on.

Of course, a crisp white is also what most rental properties are giving you to work with, which is when your textures will play an important role.

Brown & Green Textures

They say the finer details are the finishing touch of any interior design project. And this is where browns and greens come into play — we’re talking tan leathers and emerald velvets.

A tan leather armchair or sofa or burnt orange velvet ottoman will instantly add vibrancy to the rather stark nature of modern urban. The colours add a mature pop to the room, while the textures help warm up the coldness that can come from concrete and steel.

Deep greens also work incredible well with other modern urban colour trends, as well as leathers, even adding an emerald green feature wall. You may have even seen emerald green tiles have made a comeback in a big way in bathrooms and kitchens around the world.

It’s all about balancing light and dark, flat with raised, and cold to warm.

Finishing notes…

Modern urban styling is about creating a minimalistic yet cosy vibe that takes your home from drab to fab in no time. Taking advantage of contemporary trends like smokey neutrals, muted greens and blues, crisp whites and charcoals are the way to go for creating an inviting space with plenty of character.

For more on modern urban colours leading into this new year, or if you’re looking for some help getting your dream look sorted for 2023, please do not hesitate to call our experience colour experts at Swanson Painting on the Gold Coast.

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