5 Exterior Paint Colours to Help Sell your Home Fast

Your home’s exterior paint colour will not only impact your property value, but can also help sell your home quickly too. But what paint colour should you choose?

To help you, we’ve researched the top 5 exterior paint colours to help sell your home quick, including all-over, trim and door colours. These colours will help you stand out from other houses on your street and appeal to your dream buyer.

And remember, when choosing an exterior paint colour to help sell your home, it’s about what will help it go quick, not what you necessarily like. With that in mind, let’s get into it.

The 5 Exterior Paint Colours to Help Sell Your Home Quicker

Neutral shades.

Neutral shades of exterior paint colours, like white, grey and beige, will help your home look clean and inviting. It can also help draw the eyes away from the home itself and over to other sought-after property features you

White and neutral exterior paint colours can also help sell your home quicker by allowing the buyer to visualise what they would do with the property.

They are looking at a blank canvas to allow their imagination run wild. Plus, they won’t have to deal with trying to paint over any dark or bold colours if they decide to re-paint!

Sage green.

Is one of your home’s top selling points all the surrounding nature? Lean into the draw card by using a sage or other nature-inspired green house exterior paint.

The green not only will become one with its surroundings while still standing out, it also looks good with neutral trims, like white. Sage green is also said to reflect light well, helping your home appear larger than many other darker colours.

The 5 Exterior Paint Colours to Help Sell Your Home Quicker

If the all-over green feels like ‘too much’, consider using green exterior paint on doors or even patio support beams and pillars for a little pop of colour. The simplest of touches can make all the difference in making a house feel like a home to potential buyers.

Lighter colours in general.

Darker exterior paint is quite bold and can turn off a lot of buyers. Lighter colours — like the neutrals and and sage green already mentioned — can help make your home appear larger than it is, plus aren’t as quick to fade in the sunlight.

White and lighter colours also help reflect heat, keeping the home cooler, which is a big plus in the Australian summer!

If you’re set on using a darker exterior paint colour to sell your home quicker, consider leaving it until last on your to-do list or when you’ll be selling. While the sun’s UV rays do take time to alter paintwork, it can start to fade darker paints quicker than lighter greys, blues, greens and neutral colours.

In 2023, we’re starting to see more dark-coloured homes in high-end suburbs, so this trend may change in years to come. This is when an experience home painter can come in invaluable for providing the most current advice.

Contrasting accents.

Of course, not every home needs a full exterior re-paint or every seller has the budget for completely changing the exterior. Changing up the accents of your home with a good buyer-friendly exterior house colour can help you sell your property sooner.

You may choose to simply paint the door or window frames, or switch out the colour of all your home’s trim, guttering and any stairs or entertaining areas. Remember to use paint colours complimentary to your house’s primary colour. While white is a safe colour, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing!


Yes, blue. Blue is a common non-traditional house exterior colour that can help your home sell quick. However, it does depend on what shade of blue!

Illuminated front stoop and of blue house

When considering blue for your home, samples will be key to ensure it suits the home, its trimmings and the surroundings. Green-based blues are popular with most people and tend to be referred to as more luxury colours than a greyer-blue.

A good exterior home painter will be able to help you choose the right blue for your selling your property quick smart!

Before you paint your house when selling…

Before you go and sell out your nearest homeware store of your favourite colour of paint, consider your level of painting skill versus how it will look to home buyers. If you’re great at painting, go right ahead — more power to you!

However, for most people, painting a home’s exterior involves tools (including some rather large ladders) and time they simply don’t have. If you’ve never painted the trim of a house before, it’s an experience you may never wish to have again!

When in doubt, call a professional painter out!

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